Taiwan | Day Two

Day Two in Taiwan was way more interesting, we explored many places and interacted more. 

Woke up at 5:50AM with my creepy alarm which is the voice of a man chanting, "Rise and shine, wakey wakey, eggs and bakey (cackles)".

Breakfast was quite bad, the butter was margarine and the peanut butter tasted weird. The porridge was quite nice. I didn't eat much.

The route to Yehliu Geographical Park was pleasant, and it rained. 

The park was super crowded and there were lots of China people, and they kept shoving us....... Ugh. 

The rocks were very pretty, and I think it's actually quite cool that nature caused it, but it got boring after awhile because they were all the same but we kept having to hear the introductions. It was also super chilly and windy, but it wasn't cold, which I liked. 

Also caught many cool ass poses by the Chinese wuhu yay

Ended up being quite grumpy because I was hungry and thirsty and bored.

Then fell asleep on the bus after eating biscuits while screening some Taiwan documentary and woke up with my head next to window vibrating LOLOLOL

Pinched Erin's nose because she looked cute stupid while sleeping with her eyes not fully closed and laughed, which made her wake up. 

Was barely drizzling, but teachers made us wear ponchos and carry umbrellas for lunch. 

Lunch was ok, the cabbage was good. The 芋圆 dessert tasted weird, but it was a decent meal. Didn't eat too much though, because we were heading to 九份 where there was a lot of food yums.

Took a long long flight of stairs up and Erin had issues with her umbrella. Ended up getting lost while I was trying to help her close her umbrella, so we decided to follow the other groups. I was quite flustered because 九份 is quite complicated, but we found group 3 in the end!!

Walked around and bought 腊肠 to eat, mua chee and jellies. Also bought 阿里山 tea, but it was quite expensive. I'm staring to worry if I didn't bring enough money oh man. 

Emily bought some straps for The Mama Club and the woman was very friendly and kept praising Emily for being a tracker (yayay), and was very nice!! 

Walked past 臭豆腐 stalls but I didn't have the balls to try. NEXT TIME!! 

While heading back, Emily spotted small stairs that led to a shop, so we walked up but the first thing I saw were cushion boobies. WE WALKED TO A NAUGHTY SEX SHOP and it was so embarrassing and funny. People stared at us when we walked out because underage school girls AHHAHA sorry we are innocent ;-)

Went on to buy panda milk tea, which had black and white pearls. Some guy knocked into me oohoo he was quite cute lel

Explored a cave and met Japanese boys who kept staring and even walked nearer to us, and they asked, "Singaporeana?" And they pushed a random guy in front saying he was Singaporean too. I think they identified us by our accents but I don't really like our accents heh :( they took pictures for us!! I think one of them was cute wee.

On the way down, we saw cats trying to catch a fat rat (rhymes!). 

The trip to Toucheng Leisure Farm was 1+ hours and Erin had to pee so bad she was in pain her face was tormented so we stopped halfway for her to pee. 

The farm had a cute dog hehe and that's all, the weather was cooling. Our hotel was ok, but the toilet oh my it's so creepy.

BBQ dinner went horribly, we wasted a lot of food because we didn't barbecue the chicken and it wasn't cooked. The cooked food wasn't nice either, so it was a total mess. 

We DIY-ed 天灯, and I forgot to put in my brother's O level result so I'm praying he gets straight A1s. !! 

Some of the 天灯 caught fire and fell to ground poor things all those hope and wishes :( 

Bathed then I'm going to sleep!!

here are some photos:
en route to yehliu




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