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Hey guys, I'm back with a new blog post! Recently, Ezbuy contacted me to collaborate with them and obviously I agreed because anyone who knows me will know of my love for cheap shopping (aka taobao).

I have actually bought from Ezbuy before, and of course, with every haul, there will be hits and misses. 

So here are the hits:
ps: these photos aren't edited.

1. White off shoulder blouse: $2.65
Honestly this top was a ???? piece at first because I felt that it made me look bloated and I actually snapchatted my dilemma whether to sell it (add me on snap: @ahoyjerlyn). I think it turned out well in the end. The material isn't the best – it's quite hot but appearance>comfort sometimes so it's fine!!

2. Sleeveless V-neck tank: $4.37
Really in love with this top bc it fits me perfectly. Initially I was scared because the straps are unadjustable and I was afraid that it wouldn't fit me but it fits perfectly & it's double lined, hence its not too sheer, which is a plus bc I wore this for CNY and I wouldn't want my aunties to nag at me la. In addition, the top is pretty soft so yayers love it. 

3. Ripndip cat pocket tee: $6.37 
I really love the whole cat in the pocket tee by ripndip, so I decided to find mine off taobao and hence I bought it; I really love the quality and it looks exactly like the real one ;-). 

4. Criss cross bralet: $3.65
This is the brandy melville inspired bralet and I have been looking for it for a very long time. I bought the white and black one, but I don't really like the white one because the padding can be seen and it's abit like w h a t.. cos it's vv weird and ugly la but the black one is super comfy and the padding can't be seen lovelovee!!!

5. Beige cap: $1.08

A very simple closet staple that is very easy to pair so I rlly like it! 

Here are the "misses" that came with the haul:
1. Off shoulder knit top

so this top is supposed to look like the picture above, like tight and fitting BUT it turned out so big that it crumples everywhere... The material is also very plastic-y and stiff so this is def a no-no.

2. White criss cross bralette
So as compared to the black one, this white padding can be seen and it's v obvious which is quite ugly imo, like its v weird and unappealing to me. 

3. White tube bra: $2.34
So I just bought a normal white tube bra for VV cheap and I really like it because it's v cheap and like the quality is not bad, plus it comes w free straps so you can attach/detach them if you don't want/want to wear it as a tube.  

As for the rest, I already sold them off but I'll just add in photos from the Ezbuy seller itself. 

4. Purpose tee: $8.77
If you didn't already know, I love Justin bieber and I really wanted his merch (but okay ya it's too expensive LOL Justin r u kidding me) so I decided to find them from Ezbuy!!!! The pictures all showed short sleeved and the name of the item also indicated short sleeve... But it turned out to be long sleeved, and I really found it v weird and ugly so I sold it! Luckily for me the buyer loved it and he actually kept asking me where I got it LOL but yep, I think I'll get another shirt and make sure that it isn't long sleeved. 

5. Denim shorts: $2.44
TBH this pair of shorts would have fit me really well if it wasn't for their inaccurate measurements. I'm usually an S and in the chart it showed that I was a M size, so I decided to get M BUT IT TURNED OUT TOO BIG so this was rlly just a waste of my $$$$$$????? Luckily my friend fit these shorts so I gave it to her for Xmas but ugh. 

SO! this concludes my taobao / ezbuy haul experience. It was an overall good experience and if you would like to try out Ezbuy's service, here's a free $10 voucher for you: http://bit.ly/conjering65

Jerlyn xx

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