Bandung | Day One

Day One started at 4.30AM, way before sunrise.

Our flight was at 8AM, so we had to reach at 6AM, and we lived quite far away so I was a groggy mess.

Breakfast was at Macs, nomz.

While boarding I lost my lip balm because they made me take off my shoes and it dropped out of my pocket while I was trying to balance and take off my shoes :( 

I was quite upset lol

We took a bus to take the airplane and I think it was Terminal 4.

I fell asleep on the plane right after take off and also halfway after the attendant asked what I wanted to eat, and my mom had to wake me up again because she still had to know what I wanted to drink HAHAHA basically I fell asleep before she could ask what I wanted to drink in the span of a few seconds. 

The flight was 1h 30min and the airport was to be honest pathetic. The runway was so short and the airport (not the runway part) is smaller than even my school like vat

Went to the hotel and it was quite nice!! Had two stories yay.

After that was lunch at Dakka, which was a pretty high class restaurant/cafe in a mansion and the environment was 100/100. 

We just went shopping in the factory outlets and I bought a Nike shirt & Nike jacket and it was so cheap?? Like $17 for a NIKE JACKET.

The whole day was quite boring. z

here are some photos:



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