Bandung | Day Two

Day Two was a lot more exciting than day one. 

The itinerary planned was sightseeing in Kawah Putih, feeding of deers and shopping. 

Bandung roads are always jammed, so it was about a two hour ride to the mountain. Fell asleep. 

The road to the mountain was super cooling and the temperature dropped about 1-2°C and was slightly chilly. 

Finally reached Kawah Putih and went to explore the sulfur lake, which was a light aqua-mint color that was really pleasant. 

My brother stepped into sulfur mud 2 minutes after we entered despite reminders/warnings that it was slippery #GOODJOB 

The sun was shining really brightly and the lighting was bagus, took lots of photos too. 

Stayed for an hour before heading to feed elks. 

The elks were a pleasant surprise but I don't get why there would be a farm with elks in the middle of nowhere?? It's so weird and there was at least about 2-3 families of elks, meaning about 20 of them. 

They were very friendly!! Managed to touch them AHAHA and fed them carrots!! 

Explored some plantations because my mom likes them.

Next was lunch and the food was good, the view was the plantations, which was really pretty and you don't get to see it in Singapore. 

First time sitting down cross legged on the floor to eat, mm.

Food was really spicy though, and there were a lot of flies. So that was the bad part.

Fed two cute kitties fish hehe

Went shopping afterwards and bought a graphic tee for $11, which was relatively expensive TBH?

Dinner was at The Stone Cafe, which reminded me of Hard Rock Cafe because they also had a live band. The atmosphere was classy yet not really also HAHA it didn't feel like Bandung, felt like I was in a Western country. 

Ps. My brother had a bit of a toilet issue so the driver had to hurry drive us HAHAHA it was quite funny to see my brother panic and the rest of us were just laughing because he asked how long it would take and the driver said "very fast, only 30minute" and his face just turned to shock because toilet issues HAHAHA yeah

We also had to sit down cross legged to eat, and I later found out it was quite common, like their culture to eat like that instead of table and chairs. 

Ordered salmon and they didn't cook it properly. :-(

Dinner was overall good, their grilled beef was the highlight because it was tender and yumz.

That was it!! 

Here are some photos 




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