Taiwan | Day Six

Woke up with a bad stomachache and sore body.

Went out to some cafe for breakfast and it was average. The food was oily and I felt sick, felt like puking the whole time z. 

Ate egg rolls for breakfast and WEEW it was ok. 

We then went to the puppetry museum and the puppets were so creepy I'm really scared of them HAHA :/ 

Felt sick so I went to apply feng you and felt much better. 

We had to figure out the secret mission for the day and by lunch nobody got anything. 

I didn't have any appetite for lunch and we also figured out the sngsheart clue. Felt like I was having a fever and the  restaurant toilet had colder air conditioning than the restaurant and there were frog creak sound effects.

Then went to 三峡 district to tie dye cloths using plant juice?? The plant juice was super smelly and cold but it turned out pretty nice!! 

The secret mission was still on going and basically the clues are to upload a group photo to the Taiwan Instagram with the hashtag #sngsheart and must have "爱心”.

We were the third group to complete the mission hence we got only 250 points z

Anyway dinner was at a dimsum place and I only ate 2 paus because no appetite. 

The waiter flirted with Erin and she was so awkward about it HAHAHA the whole group was laughing.

That's about it!! 

here are some photos:



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