Taiwan | Day Five

Day Five was the most boring day to me. We had school and legit classes for 3h – math, history and English. 

In math they were learning some trigo things that I've not yet learned, and I asked my buddy if they used calculators and they don't, only "brains and paper", so they have to memorize all the sine, cosine, and tangent formulas of the function so that's quite.. hard. 

Oh, they also use chalkboards, which I thought was quite cool heh.

After math was history, and the history teacher was quite funny and sick, she mentioned something about guys staring at girl's butts and a student something about her being lesbian HAHAH I don't know. 

Taiwan also got invaded by Japan, so the content wasn't new.

Next was English!! The teacher made US, as in us Singaporean students to read the passage and Nicolette got a mega applause because she was the first to read. 

Their English was our primary 3 standard. 

After class it was lunch, and we took lots of photos because it was our last day :( 

Then, we went back to the conference area and performed the family dance lol, half of them left half way. 

Didn't manage to give my buddy her gift in real life because they left, so I had to pass to their teacher :(

We then went to some essay workshop which was 3 HOURS yeah I fell asleep sorry. The author gave us three slips of paper, and we had to write (who), (where), (what).

Erin wrote Mr Horseman HAHAHA I think we got super high after drinking milk tea, and I wrote rilakkuma, as for where and what we both put prison cell and MRT, what I'm not sure oops. 

After the workshop (what a relief), we went to Raohe Street Tourist Night Market. We didn't eat as much as we did in Shilin. 

What we ate:
- Okonomiyaki
- Pancakes
- bingsu!! 
- 葱饼

I felt kind of sick that night, and see what happens tomorrow: 

here are some photos:



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