Taiwan Expectations

Since I am traveling to Taiwan for a school immersion trip and have not been to Taiwan in 5 years, I thought I would do my expectations and when I come back, I will do a separate blogpost!

1. Good Food
I heard Taiwan has really good food and so hopefully I will like the food there because I'm a super food enthusiast HAHAH
I would also like to try their smelly tofu because I've never really been adventurous and also because I heard it's actually really good if you forget the fact that it smells like old socks, so we'll see how it goes. 

2. Climate
Everyone says that Taiwan is really cold and will become even colder, but according to Yahoo! Weather, their temperature is only about 4°C different from Singapore, and I was expecting about 15°C weather, so hopefully it's not as hot as Singapore because I need a break from the hot and humid weather here. 

3. Sightseeing
To be honest I have no clue where we will visit because I joined to go with my friends and yEAHH but I hope it will be breathtaking and beautiful sceneries make me happy!! 

4. People I meet / go with
I don't really have a good vibe about this, and it's just based on feelings, hence I can't explain why, but I hope I actually get along with the people I'm going to be going with, so that I will fully enjoy myself and not get irritated by them (zz AHHAHAHA, that's fairly common). 
As for the people I'll meet, I'm not too worried because I heard Taiwan people are friendly!

In general
I have a feeling I will end up internally rolling my eyes at lots of stuff, and will get annoyed by many people albeit silently. I really hope that doesn't happen, and I promised myself I will be open and positive, so I hope all goes well and that I will get: 
1. Incredible footage for my YouTube
2. Amazing pictures 
3. Happy memories!! 

That was cheesy, but I really hope I'll enjoy myself. 




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