Taiwan | Day One

Day One in Taiwan went pretty well. The weather was nice – 24°C in the day and 21°C at night. The flight was also quite pleasant, I got the window seat even though I couldn't sit with Erin or Victoria or even my classmates hm but my seating partner was alright.

The take-off was super smooth and yay I like take offs and the sky was so pretty, the clouds were so fluffy oh my. I watched TED 2 hehe oops but I was too tired because of the 1989 concert so I only watched 50mins of TED 2. The movie was quite gross so I understand why it's M18 hahahaha. 

Once we got onto our tour bus, the tour guide (who looks like Ridhwan I'm not kidding) gave us chicken!!! The bus was quite smelly hmph and there was a lot of cockroaches like ew omg. 

We went to the Huashan Creative park and it was like a park with hipster artsy stuff but also super expensive, I really wanted to buy because it was unique but 45$ SGD for a tee?? nope

We also had to ask the shopowners why they chose to open their shop at that area and came across this art gallery that had dark grungy art which was scary yet cool, and the shop owner was super chill too. 

After Huashan we went to the bookstore, but it wasn't just a bookstore, it was actually a departmental store, and the art crafts were SO CUTE but SO EXPENSIVE and that's basically everything about Day 1, cute yet expensive so can't buy. :( 

Dinner was buffet-style but it was quite horrible, the cabbage was mushy, the soup was so bland it was like water with oil and seasoning. The only good thing about dinner was the beef and pork, where they bbq-ed it with the seasoning we chose. But the non stick layer already came off and so it was bbq-ed with our food so that was disgusting. 

The hotel was meh, it was acceptable but the shower was literally only 3 lines of water. 

We also ate cup noodles because dinner was so bad and we were still hungry. It's funny because the tour guide kept reminding us to buy supper so he probably knew the food was bad. 

Sleep was good. I got enough sleep, but since I was sleeping with Victoria, we had to share a bed and she kicked me :-( 

That's all! Look forward for the Day Two blog :)

here are some photos:

mommy and daddy
we took to the wrong gates

pretty skies 
Huashan creative park
this art piece though

Taipei 101



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