Taiwan | Day Four

Day Four was maybe one of the highlights of this trip because it was the first day of the school trip.

I was quite apprehensive because I didn't want to go to school and be forced to make friends, and I was unsure how my buddy and the school environment would be like. I was mostly afraid that I wouldn't like it, but at the same time I was excited for the same reasons of uncertainty. 

The school experience started off with an introduction of their school and the secretary was quite funny. 

Then we got to meet our buddies, and I was expecting it to be one-to-one, but they collected us in a group, by class. 

Their curriculum is super cool, they have swimming lessons as part of their timetable and the pool is warm. I thought it was interesting and I liked how it wasn't all just academics, unlike Singapore. However, we couldn't swim because we didn't know about the class so we didn't have any extra clothes, and I doubt the school would be too happy about us swimming with guys lol

After swim class was Chinese Lit and their chinese was too deep for me I kinda fell asleep.

Lunch was in class and they brought in packed lunch for everyone, instead of Singapore's culture, which was eating in the canteen. The food was nicer than the other lunches I've eaten in Taiwan, which was surprising. I also think this concept is a lot cheaper and easier, but there's no freedom to choose what you want to eat :(

After school we left for The Paper Museum!! We DIY-ed paper, and learnt how to make paper from the fibre. It was quite boring and the weather was really hot. 

Next was 淡水老街,and by the time we reached the sun was setting, so it was beautiful outside to take photos!! Sunset makes me really happy I love beautiful skies hahah. We had 1h 30 mins for free & easy, so we took photos then went to explore the streets to eat. 

I tried 阿给,which was 面线 in a tofu. I thought it was okay only though everyone recommended it. 

We also ate oysters and fried mushrooms and bird egg!! Yum

After the street food, it was dinner, and that pretty much was a reciepe (get it) upset my stomach!! But we ate shabu-shabu and I chose beef. 

I tried bloodcake and it was absolutely disgusting to me, it was sticky, and it tasted like plastic?? I was so grossed out omg because the fact that it's made of blood aakajakajajja o. 

Shabu Shabu steamboat buffet was too much for me, so I stopped eating it but went to get free flow ice cream anyway nomz. 

Also made friends with Yuling over a certain dislike over someone!! ;-D (that face is super appropriate don't question)

Alright goodnight!! That was all, besides weird hotel adventures. 

here are some photos:

view from the bus! Taipei 101

paper museum

step vic



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