Monthly Reflections - October

October is over, and so I shall reflect on the past month, and overall, it was generally quite o k aaay, because exams ended and it was mostly lazing around at home and going out, without having to worry about studying.

I also did lots of furniture shopping because we're moving (yaay!!) and we need new furniture for our new house. I really dislike furniture shopping because they look the same and when I see something I l like, its too expensive :( but I got to spend lots of time with my parents while my poor brother stays at home to mug for O's.

Pigged out heaps too. After school, almost every week, I would explore a cafe along Upper Thomson and so that meant I spent LOTS of money and gained weight + me desperately eating Cornetto to win Taylor Swift's tickets (failed) = calories = fat :(

However, I did try good food, so I'm happy for that :)

I think its because its our last month together, our class also became even more bonded hehe I will miss y'all!!

+ lots of school activities like learning journeys and games day


Got to spend more time with Mutabaks and caught up with movies (I rewatched THG trilogy, and picked up enough balls to watch Unfriended) and finally watched a kdrama!! The Heirs is really good aw Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye were really cute ESP KIM TAN (his character) because did I mention I'm a sucker for HAHAH I have no idea how to phrase it but basically if the male lead is super hot and tall and is super romantic and does all these spontaneous kisses and hugs IM WEAK CRIES and ESPECIALLY IF he's vulnerable and weak inside and eventually breaks down and cries damn im all for it. HHAHAHA WEWW fangirl slowly arises.

October was also the last month of school so it was more relaxed too! :)

here are some photos:
habitat cafe - 13 October



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