Bali | Ubud: Day Two: Mt Batur, Hot Springs, Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Hello! Day Two started at 2.30am and we went hiking up the volcano, Mt Batur. Of course, you would have already known if you read about my hike here.

After the hike, we headed to Toya Devasya Hot springs, although we thought that was Batur Natural hot springs but whatevs it was pretty good altho THE SHOWER GROSSES ME OUT SO MUCH #yuxxxxxxxx lol.

We spent about an hour there, and it feels really good to relax in warm water after hiking, although it would have been more ideal if the weather was cooler.

We were really hungry (duh, after hiking and waking up at 2.30am), so our driver recommended this place where it was buffet style lunch while facing the view of Mount Batur. Seems nice, so we agreed.

Dozed off during the ride.

The restaurant is called Sari Restaurant, and the food looked pretty good. The view is really pretty. I wouldn't ever use the word awesome because cringe but it really was awesome.

The food turned out cold and yucky lol there were lots of flies as well so we were really disappointed with the restaurant. Wouldn't ever recommend, unless you want the view, but it's not worth it. I'm quite surprised they're 3 levels high and apparently during lunch time it's full-house???? It's rated 3.9 stars and reviews on tripadvisor is the same as my review: “Only good thing is the view”, “Terrible food but good view”, so yep.

Tegalallang Rice Terrace was also quite a disappointment because it was raining and my dad pulled a muscle while going down the mountain, so we didn't want to climb up. Stayed for about 15 minutes?? then went back to the hotel. I wanted to buy a romper but what the heck lol the woman wanted to sell it at 150k??? It looks like a 50k item to me LOL anyways because im so short it was too long for me, so we didn't buy it in the end.

Back to hotel to catch some zzzzzzz-s because our day started at 2.30am hah

Slept, bathed, then caught the 6pm shuttle bus to Ubud central for dinner!

Bakung Ubud provides shuttle service from the hotel to the central at 6pm, then 9.30pm to go back. So that gave us ample time to eat and shop around.

We wanted to get our laundry done but the laundries were already closed :-(

Dinner: Kafe Ubud!!

I really liked the setting and the food was pretty good too. I tried my first vegan meal - I ordered the Vegan Burger and I think it was quite nice! Cheers to that hehe.

They have a dog there, but you can't touch it because it's old and will bite :( so cute though!!!

Ordered some vegan ice cream and raw cheesecake. The ice cream was good, I quite liked it, although it was chunky instead of creamy?? I didn't like the raw cheesecake HAHA it tastes really weird? It was quite interesting though.

Window shopped along the streets but many shops were already closed. I didn't buy anything SIGHS although I was looking for bikinis because we are heading to the beach in a couple of days.

Caught the 9.30pm shuttle and headed back to the hotel to catch some more zzzzzz-s.





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