Superstitions, Traditions and all that stereotypical gender bull

okay so it's 10:26pm on wednesday 19 april. For the record, I haven't blogged in months, but I really needed this space to vent. (well I don't know who reads my blogposts but anyhow)

I just heard that women's underwear should not be washed with men's because it brings bad luck TO THE MEN??? Honestly sometimes I resent being in an Asian society where all these customs and old fashioned traditions are still prevalent. Come on, we're in the 21st century. What kind of bad luck can our underwear bring to the guys? and why is it always the women who are of bad luck???? I haven't found someone to discuss gender issues and hence probably nobody has heard me talk about this issues that have been bothering me but I honestly am so triggered???

Also like in funerals, the guys always stand in front of the girls and the children of the sons of the deceased are prioritised and have a bigger role as compared to the children of the daughters of the deceased. I think this really sets the traditional scene of gender inequality WHICH CONTINUES EVEN TILL NOW. ???? W H Y AND H O W...??!!!!!! im so so sosososososos confused

I think gender inequality is really stupid because why would anyone, in their right mind, judge a person not based on their character, skills, mannerisms...etc, but judge a person based on their GENDER??????????????????????????

Also I really don't know what kind of point I'm trying to make in this blogpost but there's also something I've noticed in Asian societies, or more specifically, Singapore.

I realized that those who subscribe to gender stereotypes are................. THE WOMEN omg okay w h y???? why are you accepting yourself for something less than what you're worth, then impose that thinking on someone else aka your children?

I was always told that my clothes will affect whether I will get raped or not. Which is so, so so untrue. I identify as a feminist especially since my encounter with sexual assualt in 2015. How can your clothes determine your consent? It's as if saying "Oh, if you are rich you're automatically going to be robbed." If a pyscho decided to attack you because maybe you looked 'ugly' to him, is it then your fault that your face was like that? ok i rlly don't know if my point makes sense and I'm so filled with adrenaline and anger I'm no longer thinking straight.

We all choose to present ourselves in different manners and this should never be equated to our consent.

At this point I would like to add that if you wear a bra at home you're a psycho because it's literally the disgustingest half top elastic thing that anyone has to wear.... I have a brother and also because I just wear a shirt, my mom will sometimes remind me that I should change out of that shirt. bc u know ???? ya

and this brings me to the point of dress codes and 'distracting'. I've read many cases of USA dress codes like how shoulders are banned etc etc. Because why? They're distracting. This really blows my mind. Is it Instagram's fault that I get distracted from my work easily? I can choose to put my phone away to do work but I don't, and I know that it's my own fault for doing so; I don't blame Instagram or social media for that matter. Why should girls wear something different just so that the guys don't get distracted? For one, if you learned how to stop sexualizing and objectifying girls maybe you wouldn't be distracted lmao? I've never once heard my parents educating my brother on how to treat girls right, yet what I wear is often policed. To get this straight, if anything, my brother treats me super well and I've never heard of any encounters related to what I just mentioned. All I'm saying is that the education has to change. !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so pissed. And I will continue to be until this issue is solved. zzzzz



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