Bali | Waterbom

Had breakfast at Housewives on fire and the food was pretty expensive, I wouldn't say it was fantastic – it was good, but not worth the price.


My mom was sick so she couldn't accompany us. :(

Ok here's one thing to note about me: I'm a pussy LOL and I'm seriously super scared of these amusement park rides?? BUT I love waterparks ?? Ye I'm super weird.

Went to the lazy river for a dip and to "warm up" first. Am I the only one who does this? Like go to the most gentle rides first?

We went on a Monday and there was very little people! YAyers

Next we went up on the twin racers, which was quite fun! I later went back for a second round. So scariness meter for this pussy here would be 4/10 LOL GO for it! I liked it.

The ride next to the Twin Racers was Fast N Fierce, which I thought was more scary because in Twin Racers you lie down and go head first, but this ride you face up WHICH IS MORE SCARY IMO and I GOT SUCH A HUGE WEDGIE.

We had a family ride: Python, where we sat in a tube and went down a big black tube in total darkness.

TBH I tried all the rides (almost) except Boomerang because the drop looks SUPER SCARY but I kind of regretted because YOLO...

Climax wasn't in operation but I wouldn't have gone on it anyways.

Smashdown also scared me I HATE VERTICAL DROPS so I didn't try it either.

We thought we would spend a whole day there, but we finished at about 3pm. Honestly Waterbom isn't too scary for me so for the daredevils it may be quite boring (I personally thought it quite boring so)

Shopped at Seminyak and omg we had a really good toast/eggs there but I can't remember the name



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