Taiwan | Day Three

Day three started at 6.20AM! Later than the other days, I would expect. The view outside the hotel were all trees and leaves, which was quite unique and pretty.

Breakfast was bad again, the floss was powdery and they used margarine ugh where's the real butter?? !! 

The farm tour was interesting, we saw many butterflies and spiders, but the best part was the animals. There were ducks, geese, pigs, goats and water buffaloes. 

The geese kept honking. 

The pigs stank, but they were so cute! The only pigs I saw last time were mostly zoo pigs, so those were clean. These pigs are so smelly and dirty I gagged and almost puked but still managed to get some cute footage because the mommy pig tried to sniff my phone and their mouths are tilted upwards at the side so it looks like it's smiling aww.

Feeding the goats was quite fun, they kept tugging on the leaves and I managed to pat a lamb!! So tiny, the horns were just stubs :") 
Then we saw a water buffalo in the steep grass which was slanted?? So I made a joke about daisy the cow ha ha.

They kept peeing and pooping, and their shit looks like a crossaint heehee cute

After the farm tour, we were supposed to leave for lunch and the ride was about 1h+, but before that I got to play with their lab dog, which was called 黄金!!
Slept on the bus while listening to jb, his new song is nice!! I listened to it 3 minutes after its release on Spotify weoweowot. Drizzled and I slept with the blanket, am actually proud of myself for taking the blanket with me from the plane.

Lunch was at 宜闌駿懷舊餐廰, and the food was the best meal I've ever eaten that's provided, and it's so yummy oh my god like legit restaurant food. 

The manger guy?? was very friendly and gave us free sweets if we liked and rated his Facebook page. lol

After lunch we headed to the 老街area, and it was raining quite heavily so I just put on the hood of the sports jacket, thinking the whole jacket was waterproof. I realized only the green parts were rain-proof, so my arms got wet :( 

It was quite boring.

Bought Starbucks and got surprised with 1-for-1!! Victoria got a free green tea latte because my classmates didn't know (we didn't either) there was 1-for-1 and they had too many. The cranberry white chocolate mocha was okay. I like the normal white chocolate mocha, and I thought the cranberry would be syrup, but it was jam sort of seeds?? Yeah it was ok.

Had a 1+ hour ride to _?? for hot spring, and soaked our feet in it for free. There was a chilli ice cream shop and one of the flavors was "Fucking Spicy!!" and I thought that was quite funny because I don't even think they know the impact of that phrase for an ice cream. They also had photo booths and we just fooled around and got high with it. 

Oh, and Erin really had to pee, so we went to the opposite MOS burger and we went into the gents hhehe #feelsgoodtobeagangster!!!!!!!!! #THUGLYF!!

Erin took off her socks and she dropped one sock across the road so that was quite hilarious.

After the hot spring, it was a 2h ride back to Taipei from Yilan.

Couldn't sleep!!! :( 

For dinner, we went to 士林夜市 to eat, and I actually quite enjoy street food and street shopping because it's cheaper but the hygiene though. :/ 

What we ate:
- 芋头球?(yam ball)
the yam ball was super yummy, the yam tasted like muachee and we bought the salted egg that will 爆,so it's like 流沙包, when you bite into it the salted egg will just flow out aaaaaaHhh super yum
it's so circular ah perfect

- 香炸臭豆腐 (smelly tofu)
The smelly tofu is a specialty in Taiwan, and I heard that it's actually delicious if you don't mind the smell, so I wanted to try it. But oh my, it tasted as bad as it smells I spat out my one and only tiny bite of the tofu. Initially it tasted okay, but then the aftertaste is the taste of the smell :( (like garbage) and I couldn't stand it, super bad. 

- beef grill
Beef grill was super yummy!! After the tofu we really needed something we knew would be delicious so we got grilled beef cubes. Super cute because the owner grilled it on the spot. 

- 蛋 waffles?? AHHA i don't know 
The lady basically put egg batter and made cute weird waffles that popped out and not in like usual waffles. Very yummy!!! Tasted like home sweet home because it was sweet and warm 💘
- 木瓜牛奶 (papaya milk)
The papaya milk tasted fine. Just a normal smoothie.
- roasted corn 
I bought the corn thinking it would be very sweet because it was white corn, but the person put so much sauce it tasted like I'm eating a thing with sauce on it so it turned out quite bad. 

I also bought sweatpants/joggers for about 8.8$ SGD so yeah quite a deal!! (Didn't really fit me in the end because it's too long, but we'll see) 

Also got new fisheye lens woop.

We were 2 minutes early hehe and we were the first group to reach with full attendance lolol.

Back in the hotel I went to 谈恋爱with the 马桶 HAHAHA the tour guide made that joke. Anyway we had lots of fun and every night in the hotel is super fun and special hehe I love my roomies!! 

here are some photos:



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