2016 Reflections / Wishlist

January is almost done, so I've had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to achieve and also receive! (poet-lin in action)

Also, this post will constantly be edited as I go through the year.

1. Less judgemental - I want to improve myself and be a better person! I want to stop myself from thinking unnecessary negative things so I'll be happier.

2. Be more easy-going. I think I am a really picky person that's hard to please, so I can work on that.

3. Friendly-ness: I actually think I am friendly (hahaha), and I am pretty open, but I guess people don't seem to think that way. I hope I am able to forge new friendships and stay positive!

4. Academics: I want to work hard and reach my 2016 school targets, like the top 10% in my cohort so that I can get the scholarship and also get my piercings and a camera as reward!

1. Polaroid camera
2. CD player that actually looks cool



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