2015 Review / Reflections

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hopefully Day 1/366 of 2016 has been going well for you. I spent the whole of my day up till now in my pajamas, packing my books for school 2016 ((hahahah get it the kdrama?? no?? cries)) and eating tomyum maggie mee, and looking like trash but hopefully you have been having fun.

Instead of doing a monthly reflection, I thought I would do an entire year review and what I could have done better!

Firstly, 2015 was a great year. In comparison to 2014, where some of you would have known I got into trouble lolS. 2015 was the year where I got to know many more of my classmates and also, the class was a lot more bonded and I think that made the whole year a lot easier as we got along and there was less trouble. 

Academically, I also performed a lot better. This year, I managed to get the Good Progress Award, so you can see how badly I kinda did last year. 2016, I am aiming for the top 10 percent award! I actually like studying, yeah call me a geek but I think it's quite therapeutical, though it is DEFINITELY NOT my top few choices for therapy!! HAHAHa. Getting the award means $$$$, and $$$ equals to A DSLR. 

This brings me to my next point: 2015 I started on my YouTube channel again. I rediscovered my passion/interest (cheesy yes) I had in photography and film (mostly film). Although inconsistent and slow, my YouTube channel let me post videos of my travel this holiday. The superficial part of me do wish that I have more subscribers, but it's alright! I'll get there. PS to all those who have ever DM'ed me to praise my channel or just showed your support, ily all. (:

I also made more friends this year. Though earlier in the year I had some clique problems, I think that made me learn more. I tried to be more open and nice, keyword TRIED because I am a b**** sorry I admit it but that's me alright.

This holiday, my passport was probably one of my most read books. Hahaha anyway I mean that I travelled a ton this holiday! Taiwan, Bandung and Bangkok. I am super grateful I got to travel so much, because I love exploring new places, meeting new people and eating their food. Travelling with my family makes me super happy because I get to literally spend 24/7 with them, unlike in Singapore where we are all busy with school/work. I LOVE MY PAPA, MAMA AND BROTHER!!! yEEEt. December was a great month to me because Bangkok let me buy SOOOO MANY CLOTHES phew..

Lastly, I am super appreciative of everybody who has supported me despite my diva-queen attitude. hehe I SHALL WORK ON IT. I know I don't mention it but I AM GRATEFUL for all those who care and comforted me when I was sad, was a listening ear for when I ranted, and was happy for me when I was happy, or basically shared memories with me! I feel like I grew up a lot in 2015, and hopefully continue to be! (: 

the only thing i was sad about was that i probably only grew 1cm and im a midget so GOD IF YOU'RE READING please let me grow at least like 7 cm alright. im praying.

ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY 2016! Make this your year and thanks for reading.



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