Monthly Reflections - November

Yes, I know it is the 30th of December and I am posting a November reflection, so you know how much of a slacker I am, but it is a blog post anyway, so read it! 

I think November was the most eventful month for me, with two overseas trip (one with the school) and a 1989 Taylor Swift concert, with 3 people that I love celebrating their birthday. 

1st November - Mommy's birthday! 
Celebrated her birthday by going out to watch The Walk, and then going to Seletar Country Club for dinner. We weren't able to really go out because my brother had to study for his O levels (hahHHAHA lolol). 
outfit for mom's birthday
shirt from men's section in factorie because I steal clothes from my brother. 

8 November - 1989 WORLD TOUR SINGAPORE!! (read the blog post about the concert here)

Was super hyped for the show and I attended it with Erin! I can't begin to explain how much I love Taylor and it was actually my second time seeing her! She had the whole crowd singing and dancing and screaming with her and she's an amazing entertainer. 

(they made a mistake, we went on the 8th lol)

9 - 16 November - Taiwan Trip (with school)
(read the blog posts here, and watch my Taiwan diary video here)
First ever school trip in my secondary life! It was really fun and I made lots of new friends and bonded with my group mates (who were mostly trackers). We were blessed with incredible weather in Taiwan, and I found myself feeling more happy over there I guess! 

plane ride to taiwan
day 7 - the amazing race

19 - 23 November - Bandung Trip (read the blog posts here)

Bandung was a special experience; traveling to a small state in Indonesia where many people have not traveled to! We celebrated my brother's birthday there! The weather was chillier than Singapore, but I guess I wouldn't choose to visit there again. Many people smoke and I absolutely despise the smell, there were too many flies while we ate and it's dirtier than Singapore. There were lots of animals and I LOVE animals so I enjoyed the parts where I got to play with them!!  Still, I had fun and it was a fun getaway. 
lemur cat

daisy the cow (inside joke)

flying home

25 November - Andrea's birthday celebration after training! We went to Pacamara for lunch and to celebrate. The smoked ham was delicious and so was the hotcakes, but they were too expensive. I think $16 for hotcakes and $18 for carbonara? 

smoked ham carbonara

sticky date hotcakes

happy birthday andrea, -pnc!

this concludes my November. I hope you enjoyed reading this! (:



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