Bali | Ubud: Day One: Pura Betuan, Hujan Locale

Hey it's me, back after a year with another travel entry. This time, I travelled to Bali with my family.

We spent the first 3 days in Ubud. Ubud was really special, it was very cultural. I noticed that there wasn't McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc, and our driver explained that it's because they're not allowed to open these shops; they have to preserve their culture. I thought that was pretty interesting although that's quite sad haha. 

Anyways, we arrived at the airport at 10am, where our driver, Cipta, picked us up. We were starving, so Cipta brought us to eat babi guling (suckling pig) at a Warung place on the way to Ubud. I was expecting a lot regarding the Babi Guling because before going to Bali I researched about the food, and Babi Guling is something that they're famous for. I think it tasted meh only, and that Singapore's roasted pig is nicer ;-) The meal was also really spicy, and I pride myself on my high tolerance for spice, but my tongue was burning and I had swollen red lips at the end of the meal. 

After eating, we headed to Pusa Betuan temple. It was my first time wearing a sarong at the temple! The temple had quite a number of people and it was really really hot. The weather in Bali is exactly like Singapore -- hot, humid, and rainy. (Well I don't know if it's usually rainy, but as I'm blogging this on the 4th day of my trip, it has rained every single day since I've arrived, SOOO). I really like their "gate" concept; I think it's beautiful.

"heaven's gate"

the sarong

Next, we headed to the Tenengunan waterfall. One thing about these water activities and attractions is that while it's fun to go into the water to play, the toilets are super gross and dirty, I get super grossed out and disgusted when I use these toilets so that's a minus :-(. Anyways, we didn't fully go into the water, we just waded around. The rocks were quite slippery and I almost fell quite a few times, so be careful if you do go there! The waterfall was pretty, but I didn't "wow" upon seeing the waterfall. The climb up and down was pretty tiring as well, so afterwards we sat at this small Warung place? I'm not sure if it's a Warung but they sold beer and fresh coconut, so we drank coconut juice and ate the flesh while facing the waterfall. 

We visited a workshop / house for selling wood carvings because this village is known for their wood carvings.
It started to rain after our waterfall attraction, so we weren't able to go to the Elephant's Cave temple, and headed to the Sacred Monkey Forest instead. 

The monkey forest wasn't all that interesting to me. The monkeys were cute but I felt bored. They were super fat though, they're practically obese with all that food fed to them every day. One monkey jumped on my mom LOL she was terrified.

Shopped around the monkey forest area and we wanted coffee, and decided to try Avocado Coffee, but it was so bitter ???? The aftertaste was really so so SO BITTER I'm not exaggerating. yucks lol, in hindsight it's probably because they used an unripened avocado :-( 

The shops mostly sold the same clothes. I wanted to get a romper, but it was bare backed and I didn't have any proper bra to pair it with, so I didn't get it in the end. :-(

To our hotel: Bakung Ubud Resort and Villa

The villa is very pretty: it faces the paddy fields, and there are 2 swimming pools. Inside, however, isn't all that great. It's pretty dark inside and there's a lot of insects but I guess there are insects everywhere in Bali anyways. 

Dinner was at Hujan Locale's! The setting is really chill and we sat by the window during sunset time about 5/6pm and I think it was a really pretty place to be dining at. The food is really expensive though. I think the best one was the "Busieitik”slow braised duck curry withpandan cinnamon coconut milk fennel seeds & staranise", for 160k rp, although my dad said it tastes like Yeo Yap Seng's canned curry so LOL OH WELLS. It's good though?? Their veggies and juices were good as well, although super salty. I think the setting is more worth than the food haha. Would give it a 3.5/5.

This marks the end of Day One! Check out my next post as I hike up Mount Batur!

photo diary from day 1:



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