Monthly Reflections - September

It is well into the month of October but I decided that I should probably start reflecting on my life and it might make me a better person since I would learn to be grateful and I guess it's quite nice to look back on??

September was quite a hectic month and also really stressful because it was less than a month to EOYs.

I wouldn't say it was my best month since the whole month, all I did was study – rushed to the library after school until it closed at 9pm before going home or going to cafes / libraries to study with my friends for the whole day during the holidays. 

Studying isn't fun, but it's surprisingly satisfying (or is it just me)?? I don't know – likesnapchatting my desk full of notes and showing how many chapters I completed HAHA. I also used an app called Forest which lets you plant trees so you'll stop using your phone and it helped me to be more productive, and I also made it into a competition to see who planted more trees in a day with Erin but she usually won :-( 

CCA stopped for the whole month (almost) so the only workouts I did were before bed, like crunches and leg lifts, so I think I'll be dead when training resumes. Also, I think I gained weight so that sucks too :/ 

So there was my month, no highlights, just studying. 

here are some photos from my terribly uninteresting month:
3 September – Teacher's day and I went back to my primary school

studying in subway with Bobo (ft her mom)

more studying with erin and supporting Claire for Singapore Open

MORE Subway studies

here's me trying to use liquid eyeliner hoho

FCE Examination – Banana Oat Muffins (I could do a reciepe on it since I came up with it ((obviously I tweaked it but still)) ) (((((((the teacher didn't even try it what))))))

the end!



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