Mutabaks + Training

We weren't supposed to have school because it was "Admin Day", but we had training when the PSI was about 130+.... no comments though.

Training was indoors and super tiring, especially the last part, my legs are still sore :-(

Anyway, going to Erin's house was impromptu, so I only brought shirt and shorts to change and we had to follow Rebecca home to bathe, where we met her brother who's taller than me whaaat.

Initially, we wanted to buy the instant mac-&-cheese from 7-11 but we ended up eating at Sembawang Hills Food Centre and Rebecca introduced me to this noodle stall and omg it was super yummy. BECAUSE I am a mega swiftie who is only allowed for her concerts if its free ha ah ha we bought cornetto and I kept the lids so please pray that I'll win the lucky draw for her concert tickets !!!!!! ah x

We bought butter and yoghurt for baking because Erin was craving buttercake and we were inspired by the Habitat mixed berries hotcake (which is really good btw). We followed this recipe and added walnuts to it. Instead of baking for 1h, we had to bake it for 1h30min and it didn't turn golden brown, and it tasted bland, but I think with berries and a bit of salt and maple syrup, it would have been even nicer.

I suggested watching Unfriended woohoo but Rebecca was scared and basically chanted "lets watch the Martian instead" and eventually watched her cartoons, which was an irony because she watched Insidious. so hmm.

Unfriended wasn't that scary to be honest, because I'm only scared when there are the faces of the ghosts that make a jumpscare especially dolls/clowns (aka Annabelle), and the moral of the story was quite meaningful I guess? It was quite gory though.

We also took lots of photos on photobooth and the lighting was very good so we went out to take photos! It doesn't sound as fun but we made ourselves a joke and time spent with them is always a joy.

After, we just lounged around and walked rebecca 1/8 home and watched videos until I had to go.



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