am back after 2 months oops, but EOYS are finally over and its the most carefree feeling because I worked very hard and yaaaaay im really happy!!

So here's what we did

Also, theres three parts to loserin:

#loserin 1: She wore her blouse inside out
We planned to go to Five by Five to eat, BUT it was closed :( so we went to Pacamara and it was so pretty and minimalist?? The toilet was a contrast though but STILL ARTSY. ok why am i analysing the toilet.

Ordered beef bolognaise and truffle fries to share it was yum and I insisted that the cheese was coconut flakes but ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE????? hey

While taking photos I REALIZED ERIN did have her ez-link card with her SHE PUT IT IN THE BACK OF her transparent phone case so she had to pay for the full adult fare of the bus and get lectured by the bus driver so

#loserin 2: she put her ez-link card in the back of her phone and couldn't find it

We planned to bake cookies so we went to NTUC to buy ingredients but we changed our minds BUT we saw caitlyn jenner's twin omg

Erin also made us take the wrong bus and we ran for it haaaH we walked home anyway and baked cookies that actually turned out well!! We had milo + chocolate chips, lotus paste and jap crackers + oreo cookies

OF COURSE we had to take photos for instagram so we toured the house for spots to take nice photos and while touring Floss pooped and Erin loved it so much she stepped on it 

#loserin 3: she steps on her own dog crap


here are the photos we took: (not edited!)
the bamboos + front yard

the garden?? 

the open toilet garden

check out my side bangs!!
the women = us!!! 

then we settled and watched Claire Marshall documentary like video about her mom, it's really sad and I cried the first time watching it heh while eating our cookies!! 

After, we watched Scorch Trials and when the zombies attacked I SHOUTED OMG THEYRE SO SCARY also may i add kaya is really pretty SO IS THOMAS AND DYLAN hotties kihong is so funny I love his facial expressions the movie was quite nice and I quite liked it!! Erin and Claire covered their faces when the zombies came out so I was watching it alone for awhile LOLOL and they started complaining nearing the end of the movies hm anyway 

I thought the scorch trials had really good cinematography and after I watched behind the scenes I realized the actors had to have a lot of imagination because the director/producer tells you what will happen and you have to act like you will be escaping it?? ok just watch bts you will know what I mean and action movies are so much harder to act than chick flick kinds HAHAH god

That was the end of our day after I went to the chinese doctor for my lips weeeeeeeew thank you CHINGS for making my day fun and making me laugh and feel so relaxed after a long long time, I'm thankful for y'all. 




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