ION Sky + Brow waxing

I didn't know what to name the post because I thought it was too basic to just say "Day out with Tricia" so here goes.

We had Taiwan briefing and it was honestly quite boring because we got split into groups and had to "debate" and pretend to be Alpha or Beta and did CQ yaaaa 

ANYWAY!! I met Tricia at AMK hub and borrowed a giant safety pin because my shorts were too loose and went to Orchard to try Project Açai, which we spent 20minutes to find because Tricia insisted it was in the taka supermart thingy ..... but it's alright because we found it in the end!! I didn't really like it though, I thought it had a weird aftertaste but we finished it anyway because "it was healthy food" and REALLY EXPENSIVE

We were still hungry so we went to buy some Japanese food and sat by the fountain and went to shop!!

Tricia bought graphic tees from Pull & Bear and a leather drawstring but I couldn't find anything I liked and also because I'm going to Bangkok so I should probably save up money and also the things there are way cheaper.

It was only about 2pm+ and it rained really heavily and Tricia wet her socks gross child but we didn't want to leave so early :/ and my main objective for going out was to get my brows done and I had asked Bernice for places to get them done for cheap heh BUT BECAUSE RAIN both of us were reluctant....

Anyway we went back to ION and thought it would be sheltered but we had to run across this two part traffic junction and we were super drenched it was so cold ugh. 

I decided to go to Sephora's Benefit Brow bar and it was $24 for brow waxing and it wasn't ideal for me because I had super dry skin but I decided to yolo and went with it anyway hehe. 

It took about 20minutes and Tricia just sat and waited while I got groomed HAHAHAH and it wasn't really painful because it was so fast and I actually thought it was therapeutic but it was finally in shape!! 

It was only 3pm and still too early, so we went up to check out ION Sky and ION Art and I managed to embarrass myself because the lift to ION Sky was so dark and black I thought nobody was there and I was spinning around squealing "WHEEE" and about 7 guys walked out of the lift and started laughing at me AND THANK GOD it was dark because I blushed so hard it's not ok I was squealing so loudly I heard them laugh when the door was closing :"( 

Embarrassment aside, ION Sky was quite pretty!! The view was misty and hazy because of the weather but it's so cool and Tricia and I just fooled about honestly we had fun looking and spotting different parts of Singapore :-)

We took some photos back in ION Art and the toilets and finally I was homed. 

It was an exciting day and here are some photos from that day (6/10/2015)

project açai

tried on mom jeans that were 2 sizes big

in the dark dark lift of ion sky (sorry no ion sky photos i didn't think of taking them)

ion art portraits

toilet (why)

here's my outfit and a weird burst shot of me catching my bag 




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