Bali | Lovina/Seminyak: Dolphin watching, Sembangan waterfalls, Tanah Lot

Our day started at 3am (again). 

The drive to Lovina takes about 2.5hours, and we had to reach there by 6am, hence we woke up early to get ready. 

My brother woke up feeling sick :-(

Spoiler: my mom ends up sick as well

Lovina beach was filled with dolphin watching boats, and they're basically just sampans with spider legs. The beach was black! That was pretty cool. 

Got on the boat and set off in the ocean to spot Dolphins. We caught the sunrise on the boat, which I appreciated because I have this love for sunsets, sunrise (but I never wake up early enough for it), and beautiful skies. I love beautiful skies.

After the sun rose, it got pretty hot and the water was quite glaring because of the reflections. There were many other boats around and we finally did spot Dolphins, but every time they appeared the boats would rush over and they would swim away again. So that was quite annoying actually.

The experience was cool though, because I've never seen wild dolphins and they were super close to us a few times and even were underneath our boat and we could see them! I wasn't expecting anything since I didn't know what to expect, but I guess it was quite disappointing that they didn't jump out of the water, but only appeared at the surface. 

The whole dolphin spotting thing was 2 hours. That rocky boat really made me want to sleep, especially since we woke up so early. 

There were some people selling sea-shells and wooden Dolphins, but they cheated us and UGH be careful!!!! These things should only cost 1000 rupiahs. 

Headed to a nearby hotel for breakfast and it sucked SO BAD I didn't even take photos of the food. The pancake was ONE PANCAKE and my brother ordered the banana pancake; it was a pancake with bananas on top. #NOPE

Sembangan waterfalls was next, and if you wanted to go in and play in the falls, you have to pay like 50 sgd so we didn't, and also because we were pussies, AND also because my mom wasn't feeling well. We paid for the normal entrance to just view the waterfalls. 

There was a super super tall waterfall which I'm guessing would be around 30m high. The water was amazingly clear and blue. It was also slippery because the place is damp and wet, and we were wearing slippers. 

I saw a girl who looked like Cara Delevingne with bigger nostrils and I was really convinced it was her until I heard her accent :-( 

We watched people slide down the 12m waterfall and omg that's on my bucket list although I'm pretty scared of it. 

lunch @ De Danau Lake View Restaurant. The view was really nice – the name says it all. The food was good as well! I really liked their Nasi Campur yumm. The soup was salty though :/ 

Headed to Tanah Lot afterwards and it was superrrrrrr crowded. I thought it was meh only, although it's a big tourist attraction. We weren't able to catch the sunset as my mom wasn't feeling well. We also didn't go up the temple across the sea, so I guessed we missed out on that. 

Finding our villa, Trivilla, was a NO-NO. LIKE NOPE. First, Google maps mislead us, and we kept going round in circles although we were actually like 2 minutes away. Secondly, the sign of the villa was so tiny you really wouldn't be able to spot it while driving, so we kept driving past it. We ended up having to call and finally arrived in our villa after almost an hour of confusion. 

It was my first time in a villa and I was expecting a lot from what I've seen in photos. BUT the swimming pool water was cloudy, ew? There were lots of mosquitos and I really didn't find the place clean. It was pretty dusty and it didn't help that Bali is humid and hot, hence I felt icky the whole time. 

The only good thing about the villa was opposite it. There's an eating place called Panda Cafe, and although the setting might look old and slightly dirty, the food was reallllll good. I was craving for Nasi Campur after seeing my brother eat it for lunch, and their Nasi Campur is good. My family also liked their food, and we're pretty picky so it's rlly rlly good!

So back to our villa and the disasters begin. 

Seeing as I'm typing this on hindsight, almost 1 month after the trip, let me just say that there was a total of 5 BLACKOUTS/POWER TRIPS when we stayed there. 3 on the first night and 2 on the second. We finally found out that there was a problem with the bathroom lights / electricity, but it wasn't very helpful. I mean, we have to bathe right? So the lights will definitely be turned on. And as long as the lights are on, the power trip is going to happen. So that was VERY ANNOYING. Imagine standing naked in the dark (and our bathroom is outdoors) with mosquitos. (Also it's quite creepy standing out there alone.) 

The incense to chase away the mosquitoes didn't work, so we had like 50 over mosquitoes buzzing around and obviously we spent the most nights awake scratching ZZZZZ 


Okay so the air-con doesn't work, and we have to hide under our blankets, else we'd get bitten. So hot = sweat and add up the mosquitoes and scratching = sleepless nights. 

How lovely. 

Ending the blog on a lovely note, but tomorrow shall be a blog post on our Waterbom park adventure!



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