Bali | Day Six: Surfing and Watersports

After I am SO! Day 6, our second last day in Bali :(

Woke up to explore other cafes, but we ended up at a cafe that caught fire the previous night (our luck, really), so we ate at Panda Cafe again. The breakfast was gooooodd I really liked their melon juice. 

Headed for our watersports and I actually felt that it was very much a waste of money because it wasn't fun. I mean it was, but the amount we paid really wasn't worth it. 

Anyway, I tried parasailing, banana boating and jet skiing. 

Parasailing was quite cool – it's a very new experience for me as it was my first time and looking down at the sea and enjoying the breeze alone in the air made it really peaceful! But that tension from the hooks and ropes ugh. I had a LOL moment: you have to pull the ropes (left and right) so that you're able to land, but being a weakling I didn't pull it enough, so we ended up having to go one more round. I mean after all, that's making my money worth right?

Banana boating was so calm; you're meant to almost fall off / fall off but we stayed upright the whole time....

Jet skiing was probably the most thrilling. I went on the jet ski with my brother, and let me assure you that he had no idea what he was doing and he didn't know how to steer the jet ski either. So yes I ended up shouting and screaming for my life, hence the thrill. 

Ate at a warung that served me beef and chicken but I wasn't even able to tell between the chicken meat and beef .... That was quite bad. 

After filling our bellies, we headed to Nusa Dua water blow to watch the water blow hole attraction where the water crashes against the rocks, and forms a water blow effect. That day the tide was too low however, so we didn't get to see anything. 

Also did I mention how hot it was? It was SUPER duper hot. 

When we headed to Kuta beach, it started raining like really...????

We wanted to surf, so that was quite some weather to surf (zz)

SURFING WAS ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD THOUGH, I really love the feeling of it and even though I did fall quite hard sometimes (more like many many many times), I really liked it. We paid for a teacher to teach us for about 30$. I learnt to balance pretty quickly, but maintaining that balance was the tricky part. My instructor kept yelling for me to "stop dancing", so yeah you can imagine how I tried keeping my balance. 

Our session was 1h30mins, so for the last part we were able to try surfing on our own, how to catch the waves (which I didn't succeed) and then determine when to stand up. 

All in all I really liked the experience. I forgot my instructor's name, oops, but he was really nice and I enjoyed surfing very very much :") 

While at kuta beach someone recognized me and asked if I went to Warung Eny's yesterday, and I was super surprised because I was there, and also like really honored because someone remembered me 

BUT it turned out he recognized me by my hideous water bottle bc the paint coat on my bottle was half gone LIKE WOW okay ouch he remembered my bottle not me :-(

ANYWAYS! Dinner was at AYANA Rock Bar, which was SO SO SO beautiful. I mean it was an expensive place; it's actually a hotel/resort and they own the rock bar there. The rock bar is called the rock bar because it is by the sea, and the waves will crash against the rocks, hence rock bar. We were sat pretty near the edge so it made dining such a wonderful experience. However because we we're not guests hence we couldn't book the sunset evening slot and when we win for dinner it was already dark and I think it would have been even more beautiful if you were able to catch the sunset. Imagine sitting by the edge watching the sun go down while dining, it would've been even more beautiful. The food wasn't that great because it was too expensive, but I think paying for the experience is so worth it. (Also not to mention their service is A++++++ I also got a rose LIKE HELLO wow)

After dinner we headed to our last hotel of the trip, which was a villa, called La Joya. It's actually very nice, but it's so small omg there was a staircase leading up and I thought the whole level 1 and 2 was ours but nope, just level 2. It was really small and squeezy for the four of us, but the environment is very cosy. 

Lights out peace OUT 



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