Bali | Ubud: White Water Rafting, Elephant Cave, Campuhan Ridge Walk

Last day in Ubud :-(

Finally was able to wake up later at like 8am in comparison to 2.30 am ZZZ 

Had breakfast at the hotel, then off to white water rafting hehe I was pretty excited WOOHOOZ

THE HELMETS WERE SO S ME LLY EEEEEEEEEEW I absolutely hate smelly helmets .... yucks. 

we booked a raft for 5 people so we rafted with our driver.

Headed to the Ayung River and had to walk in mud and forest down to the river. 

The experience was really fun although it wasn't as exciting and didn't give me any adrenaline rush at all :-( I didn't fall out of the raft, but I fell out of my seat into the raft haha WOOPS. We keep crashing into the rocks, which was a little scary because if you don't duck you can really hit your head and I feel like you'll drop out of the raft.

It was a two hour experience and when we ended we had to climb sOooOOo many steps wahhhHh.

We sat squashed in a lorry and headed back! The shower was really bad. I've never showered with others in an outdoor shower, so that was awkward. The water also trickled... so we rinsed up, had lunch (that was provided and yuck), then headed back to our hotel to REALLY shower.

We also dropped by their local supermarket and bought some nuts, and fresh fruits! YUMM

Went to the elephant cave temple, which was pretty boring, considering the temple is named after the elephant cave, which was a small stuffy cave ...

I do like their temples though, they're a lot prettier than Singapore's -- it's literally a garden and I love it.

Outside there are a few local stalls selling clothes, and I wanted to buy the shirts because I wanted a keepsake from Bali, but the lady asked for 100k rp!!!! Which is $10+sgd (REALLY NOT WORTH), so I was like mmm,,,,..... and she saw me hesitate so she reduced it to 75k. I was actually okay with it, but I had no money, oops. So I tried telling her to wait, putting up the "wait" handsign and walked away to get money. I guess she thought I wanted 50k, and since I walked away she got desperate and yelled "50K!!!!" after me. I GOT LUCKY AND BOUGHT THE SHIRT FOR 50K, WHICH WAS 50% OFF LOL


Up next: Campuhan Ridge Walk

It was a quaint little walk on a hill that oversaw Ubud (a little). It was quite peaceful, except for the fact that there were a number of people. I enjoyed it because the view!!! I think if the sky was clear, it would be really nice to watch the sunset, but it just rained, so it was humid and all sighs.

Hunger took over and we planned to eat at Locavore but apparently you have to BOOK, because there are no seats available oh my. So I'm guessing it's really really yummmmm.

Our driver suggested that we go to Urbana Restuarant and h OOOO Ly it is underrated. The food is amazing and the ambiance is so nice. It had been raining, and so it was cooling although the restaurant didn't have air-conditioning. There were lots of flies around the lights, but they didn't bother us so alls good!! Their toilets had air-con tho?? So why not put it in the dining area? But who am I to tell them what to do right LOL. The food is YUMMMMMM.

bebek (duck)

spare ribs

We had dinner in the dark because it was really dark but I really liked it! As I said the restaurant is underrated, and we were sadly the only customers there. And we got treated like royalty HAHAH everyone was serving us.

Konked out after dinner. See you tomorrow!

some other visuals:



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