Bandung | Day Three


Had breakfast at the hotel, then we headed to the Floating Market. There was a really cute kitten that kept following us and it kept trying to play catch with us, whenever we stopped to look at attractions it would hide and when we left it would run away and do the same thing awHhehee.

Fed swans and fishes, then plucked random mulberries to eat. 

Paid to feed rabbits! 

After that, we went to De Ranch to ride horses, and the horses were quite unfriendly :( The horse ride was okay, it was quite typical. 

Found a horse that kept trying to nuzzle me, which was cute!! Had a cute bonding session hehe. 

Next stop was the volcano crater, but it was quite disappointing because there wasn't anything in the crater, I thought there would've been sulfur. The other crater entrances were closed because they're still active. 

Our driver / tour guide also repeatedly warned us that we ABSOLUTELY should NOT buy things from the peddlers, only buy from those with a proper shop, so if you're going to head there, remember that!!

Ate some corn on the cob with butter, and took photos. Dad fell thrice, and also bought some carved wood ornaments. 

After the volcano visiting, we went to Ciater Hot Spring Resort to get some hot spring. I personally really like hot springs because it's calming. I didn't like the resort because it was quite dirty and the facilities were old, and I wouldn't go back there.

We headed for lunch, but we wanted to try the kopi luwak, which was the Civet cat Coffee, where the Civet cat eats the coffee beans and because of its inability to digest the beans, it poops out the beans and this is thought to make the coffee beans more aromatic and the coffee tastes nicer. We were briefly taught the process and ordered a male coffee and female coffee. Yeah, I know, you're probably like ???  What??, same. They're just different types of coffee beans, the male is single and the female has double beans. Go figure. 

The coffee we ordered came with a free massage package, and this male massaged my legs with coffee scrub which smelled delicious. While drying my legs with a cloth, I was using my phone and !! DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE perhaps graphic images IDK !!
I did not notice that his hands kept moving up my thighs. The massaged area was my calfs ONLY. He tried to actually put his hands into the opening of my shorts (thigh area). I did not let him have it. I felt violated and had to push him away. Honestly, this is disgusting. I came for coffee, yet this man did such a thing. I am okay, just disgusted and I can't even fathom what or why. 

So, if you want to try Kopi Luwak, go on and try it, but just be more aware of your surroundings.

For lunch, we went to this restaurant where it was floating and it was raining, making the weather cold and chilly, and sitting in a floating hut for lunch while watching the rain pitter-patter was a really relaxing activity haha.

At night, we went to Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall to shop but I did not get anything for myself. Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant but the food was o kaaay only. Bought a small cake from Starbucks for my brother's birthday, and celebrated back at the hotel.

That's all!



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