Taiwan | Day Seven

Day Seven was the long-awaited day because we had our amazing race!!

Our team was the last and we were lagging behind the next team by more than 500 points. We had 600 points, while the rest had 1000+ or 2000 points. These points accumulated from the previous days would be for the ballot tickets to choose who would leave first. 

For the amazing race, the first group would leave at 8.25AM, then the following would wait for 5 minutes before they are allowed to leave, the third group would wait 5 minutes after the 2nd group and so on. 

For every 100 points one ballot ticket would be put into the box, and SURPRISE Group 3, (my group), with only 6 tickets compared to another group of 24 tickets was picked to go first. 

That gave us a 15 minute headstart compared to the last group, and we were all really happy because for the first time, we were first for something HAHAHA. 

First stop was Taipei 101 – and our mission was to take photos with foreigners with different nationalities and a group photo with the full Taipei 101 building. 

Then we went to visit the Jimmy bus, which was cute but not impressive in my opinion. It is a two minute walk across the road from Taipei 101. Our mission there was to take exact photos of some icons in the bus.

It was too early, so when we went back into the 101 building none of the shops were open, so we left after awhile. 

Next stop: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. 

The change of guards were every hour, so we had to catch the 10 AM guard change, and we reached at 10 AM, meaning we were late because it is a 5 minute brisk walk to the hall. 

Short people problems: I couldn't see anything for the guard change because there was a crowd and I was at the back so I resorted to looking through other people's phone screens heh

Was quite boring. 
Exchanged gifts with tourists as part of the mission and took photo with the three different halls. 

Sat around while passing time and decided it was time to go to the Taipei Main Station. 

We had to try their bento set and I didn't try it actually HAHAH only Erin ate it because seafood issues. 

Took photos of random stranger's MRT cards because of the mission. 

Went for lunch and I was really annoyed because a cerTAIN teacher kept insisting we go BACK to Taipei 101 for lunch which would waste a lot of time and put us back and possibly make us last for the amazing race but he didn't understand because Taipei 101 "has really good food" like lol ok.

Anyway, finally ate at their shopping mall's cafeteria and I felt like we spent a long time there so we rushed to take their 捷运 to the last stop, 西门町.

Our mission there was to get a used movie ticket and buy their 阿宗面线 and we competed both missions in an hour. 

We were the first group to finish and fsh wanted to go back to Taipei 101 AGAIN LOL HUH???3??:??::?:??????? and we didn't because there was no time and we didn't want to.......

Ended up wasting time at the 西门红楼 museum about historical torture methods HAHAH it was quite interesting. 

Went back to Macs and there was nobody there so it was puzzling because there was about 45min left to the latest time to meet and we were still first so what the heck like BOOYA? 

Got informed that we had to find the tour guides and if we didn't find them the mission would not have been completed. This was to be told to us when we finished the assignments printed on the paper and we weren't told?!! I was super annoyed at the irresponsibleness of my teacher who failed to tell us the mission and even suggested to go Taipei 101 which was 30-45min ride to and fro?? I mean priorities guys seriously oh my gosh. 

Some group mates cried because they were so angry but I'm not the type to lose my calm in that manner so yeah but I was still angry zz. 

Decided to ignore fsh and found the tour guides in the end but we were last obviously :):):)!! It just angered me because we could have been first and we were burdened z omg. 

Had to do street survey which I didn't like because it reminded me of geog investigation ha I'm really glad i have nothing to do with geog from now on #history student AHHAHA. 

Found a guy who had 5 possums as pets and I touched them and played with them so cute I really love furry animals. 

Went to buy snacks afterwards with roommates and Clara because her roommate I suppose doesn't need Clara lol 

Bought white bittergourd juice because I tried it in Taiwan in p3 and didn't like it but now that I can eat bittergourd I wanted to try again, and well it disappointed me. It's sweet, and bitter but I consoled myself that it's really healthy while the rest got the egg pancake ball. 

Gave up drinking my juice with 1/8 of it left and felt like puking. 

Shopped for shoes but they didn't fit me, Clara got shoes for Korea though!! 

Went Starbucks to chill because we were dead tired from shopping. 

Dinner with group 3!! It sucked in the end and we couldn't even sit together. 

Used my fisheye for the first time and lost it on the same night hahahaahahahhahaahha cries I felt very disappointed with myself and ugh but it was $4 so yeah but still I'm so upset with myself !!?3$:!3!3! 

Teachers wore onesies, which were initially punishment for the last group but it's not fair for us so whatever they wore it and we got a lot of attention and the tigger became a different person I just lol. 

Back in the hotel we had a party and ate food and abi's waffle really sucked HAHAHAH sorry bi and played murderer!!

Slept at 1am+.

here are some photos:



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