Meeting Sarah

On the 4th of July, I finally met Sarah.

We became friends when I was 12, which was about 2 years ago, when I found her on Instagram. She was REALLY "instagram famous", at least to my 12 year old self. And me being me, I wanted to be "insta-popular" as well and I tried to talk to her through kik by asking her what photo editing apps she used, but she said "sorry, no". Yeah GAHAHA it was pretty dumb to think about but I'm glad we met to become friends 😌

I'm not sure how we did, because she found me annoying, but we formed a kik group with 4 others: Coopah, Diana, Jenna and Ines and we named ourselves "Swagatrons" πŸ’―πŸ’―

I would say I was closer to Sarah and Ines, and I facetimed Sarah pretty occasionally. I say "pretty occasionally" because it was occasional, but it kinda felt like it was frequent?? Sorry I'm just off hahaah ooopps!! 

We have tried to meet everytime Sarah visited Singapore, but we only succeeded this year, 4-7-2015 ☺️!! (Actually we did meet before, but it was only for lunch, so I guess it's not official) 

First, we went to CHS homecoming, and I must say, it was quite boring, but that's because I am not a big fan of carnivals and fiestas hehhe. We just played games, ate cotton candy and donuts (Sarah), took photos (LOTS of photos), seeing my schoolmates (me) and we finally left. 

Then we went to Somerset next, to get llaollao and slowly make our way to SCAPE, where I bought a $5 striped tee while Sarah bought herself a drawstring bag! We also tried on fake AA tennis skirts (that were too short for me)

We went BACK to somerset to grab food and my brush pen. Whilst doing so, we got approached by a model agency (woww) and also found "AAPE", and the logo(?) was pretty cool so PHOTOSS HAHAH WEEEW. 

We finally got the brush pen and didn't get any food and took the MRT back to orchard because lazy pigs 🐷

Lunch was at ion!! It was really expensive. I was planning to take Sarah to the ion sky, but it was only open at 3pm and I had to leave by 2, so we settled for ion art (which we didn't know existed) and took polaroids. 

Then I had to leave, so Sarah who was made a loner by me was also leaving too. We took the MRT home where we got balloons 🎈and finally bid farewell to each other inside the MRT 😭😌😌

the end. here are some photos!!!

this was our unofficial lunch date ish thing hehe

cotton candy!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
PHOTOSHOOT @ the carnival 
SCAPE EYE (and that's not a's just my shirt that didnt co-operate)
We found a store called AAPE and we thought the lights were really cool aggahaha
Sarah's "matte black baby" 🚘
GAP Balloooooon!!🎈🎈🎈

okay I think that's all already!! 



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