blunt or real, nice or fake?

you know there are two kinds of people: blunt people, and people who speak really nicely. I'm the former and thus also more bluntly put, "bitchy". 

but having been around someone who is super duper blunt and speaks like there's nothing called "manners", as well as having been around enough nice people, I've come to realize that I prefer the company of blunt, straightforward people. yes, they might be rude and their words can hurt your feelings, but they say it as it is. i want someone who can be my mirror and not a photoshop. 

although nice people might tell you something nice, it's really not what they think and behind your backs they will say something different. so really, what's the point? id rather know what is happening up front.

no, this isn't a rant. i just felt that this observation needed a blogpost because I really love observing people around me. 

while I say that I prefer blunt people, I'm not bashing anyone. we are all different and we have different personalities. some of us feel that there's no point lying, while others cannot bear to hurt others – and we all need friends with different views – we all need diversity. I mean, when you're feeling down and at your worst, you do need words of comfort and not hear words that will make you angrier and upset. 

this is just my take on blunt vs nice people: at the end of the day, we're all "bitchy": you either straight up say something hurtful in a person's face or you bitch about it behind the person's back. 

but really, I prefer you telling it in my face. (((Hurts less imo))))



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